Saturday, December 06, 2014

Catching Some Sunnies!

Bumps here, humps there...and after three hour railroad car ride, the scorching sun of December smiled to me as I entered to the one of the most picturesque views in Thailand, Lopburi's Sunflower field. I lost my words after seeing these beautiful sunnies. Quickly grabbed my camera and with my mouth opened I took pictures and wandered in awe to this majestic paddock. This sunflower plantation gave me a refreshing mood after some chaotic conditions from Bangkok. What I also like about this farm was the clean and relaxing breeze, inhaled this and it offered a stress relieving ambiance (I totally forgot my sky-scraping-paper-works at school, LOL!). They waved their golden petals as an amiable welcome to every visitors and you could see they smiled, too. These yellow blossoms only bloom during the months of November until February so better check your itinerary if you have a plan going here. If you don't have your own transport it would be difficult for you to reach this destination because this field doesn't have a public transport. Luckily, the State Railway Thailand organized trips (9 trips for this month only) going to this plantation to help us see the beautiful sunflower garden. 

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