Monday, April 20, 2015

Suan Luang Rama IX Park: A Lush Paradise

Last week's Songkran's ravishing mayhem (amusing water fights) brought so much brio and fun to every locals and foreigners all over the land of smiles. Listless eyes, muscle pains and groggy heads were the upshots of the back-slapping and glad-handering celebration. And I wasn't exempted to these aftereffects, in fact, my adrenaline was still going. To put a halt to this feeling, I was in need of crisp air, lush green shrubs, colorful flowers and a turquoise sky then I caught myself in the middle of the largest park in Bangkok that was far from the chaos, the Rama IX Park or popularly known as Suan Luang.  

The scenic landscape and serene atmosphere of this place is overwhelming. Surrounded by topiary and flowers, this park was built in 1987 as a gift for King Bhumibol's 60th Birthday. It is about 15km from the heart of the city and although there are lively gardens and pure nature to see, remained free from tourists. This green place can be easily reached by a taxi or if there's a terrible traffic you can get here by taking the BTS to Udom Sok and ride a taxi from there (around 80 Baht) or Songtiew (No. 1014, 7 Baht) heading to the park. The park is open from 5:00 - 19:00 everyday and it costs 10 Baht for admission. It has a botanical garden, large lake, courtyards that are inspired by countries around the world and a golden spire sitting on the edge of the lake that can be viewed throughout the park. In the morning, this is the best spot for early risers to do exercise and for families and lovers to unwind in the afternoon. Wandering here is a pleasure. 

The golden spire and its cheerful fountains welcome everyone with a smile and arms wide open.

Lavish plants and well-trimmed shrubs swaying and dancing to the rhythm of the refreshing breeze.

These man-made lakes are insanely relaxing as they sing with harmony and melody. 

Inhale the calm breeze while pedaling the swan boat. Cool, isn't?

Chinese pagodas are always captivating. 

Seeing these gigantic lotus floating on lily ponds will give you an awe. 

It's spring time baby! These chromatic blossoms add life and vibes to the place. 

American cacti garden in a futuristic dome offers a dessert vibe and it's chilly. 

This is not just a park. It has also a wild man-made jungle with a noisy artificial waterfalls. 

This sculpture shows how King Bhumibol serves his people with genuine heart and compassionate soul. 

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