Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Ancient City: ExperienceThailand in a Day

A huge open air museum welcomed me whilst I was pedaling along the sun-drenched panoramic view and beautifully landscaped gardens on the outskirts of Bangkok. Artistic and gaudy grandeur with elaborately carved and gilded motifs seized my attention. This is the best place to get an overview  of Thai history, its architecture and culture in just one day. They called this place, Ancient City. 

This vast enthralling park mimics the shape of Thailand, highlighting replicas of Siam's most fascinating temples, palaces, pavilions, ruins and important landmarks. Each intricate structures is in their proper geographic spot, albeit they are down scaled to about one third of the original size. 

As I entered into this tranquil place, I found some archaic houses and had an impression of a traditional life of ancient Thai times. In the middle part of the park, Grand Palace of Bangkok stood proud along with other bell towers, Chinese pagodas, glittering shrines and structures from different eras. There were artifacts and antiques, including rural paintings, ancient tools for hunting and gathering. Then, I caught myself in the Northern portion of Ancient City and there I found a small version of Sukothai (never been to Sukothai though, LOL!) featuring traditional floating market, I could imagine myself paddling through the klongs (the waterways) whilst singing my best-loved rock songs. Here, I ordered Somtam Thai (one of my faves) and of course its partner, Khao Niyao (sticky rice) owing to the fact that I was a bit hungry. After I tossed the plate into the washbasin, I hurriedly drove to 'Isaan part' (Northeast) of the park. I did really miss Isaan (I spent my first year in Thailand there). Khmer empire struck me in awe with its 'Angkor Wat' facsimile. After four hours of speedy pedaling, sweltering and death defying stunts (LOL!) whilst capturing amazing photographs (photo diary below), my wander was over. 

To knock it off, this trip was fantastically worth sweating for. See you in my next stop! :)

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